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Instrumen Seismik

Acquisition System

Airgun: Sercel, G-Gun, 4080 cu in

Gun Controller: Real Time System, BigShot

2 x Atlas Copco Hurricane Compressor SBM18-44, Capacity 800cfm, Max. discharge pressure 2700psi

Streamer: Sercel, Seal, 240 Channels, 24 Bit Digital, Fluid Filled

Group per Section: 12

Group Interval: 12,5 m

Group Length: 12,5 m

Hydrophone: Benthos Geopoint

Depth Controller: Geospace, Concord Technologies

Recording System: Sercel, Seal System, 5.2.10

Recording Media: 3592 Cartridges

Seismic QC: eSQC Pro  ver. 2.2



Integrated System: Quest Geosolution Ltd., TriggerFish 2D, Software: 1611

Gyro Compass: Anshutz 20

Echo Sounder: Honeywell Elac Nautic GMBH, Elac LAZ 4700, 12KHz + 200KHz

Processing: Quest Geosolution ltd., Geometis MX, Software 1.5, Output: UKOOA P1

Positioning: C&C technologies, C-Nav 2000, Star util  XP, RTCM V 2.2

rGPS: Seamap buoylink ex, Tailbuoy + Gun Floats, Rtknav


Processing Systems




Cluster System 16 CPUs

6 TB Storage

DL380 & DL 3592 Storage Server




Focus – Time Processing

(Interactive and Production 2D/3D seismic processing)

Geodepth – Depth Processing

(2D/3D Velocity Model Building and Depth Imaging)

3D Kirchhoff Pre-stack time migration

3D Layer Tomography

3D Kirchhoff Pre-stack Depth Migration with VTI anisotropy support

(Fermat & Eikonal Travel Time)

- Comprehensive Attribute

Reservoir Navigator

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